I have seen caddis more than any other. I have heard of prolific blue winged and other mayflies from the ballfields upstream several miles in March/April, never have seen it myself, but hear stories of fish in the mid 20's rising for these flies. No boat, so I don't know.

Caddis come off about year round but much more in Late September through November.

One hatch I rarely see mentioned is the black ant hatch in August or early September. I have seen them cover the entire surface of the caney over a two week period. They are seen in the greatest numbers at dusk. Tiny black things around a size 26 but with the numbers a 20-24 does just fine. Worth the effort to have half a dozen in each size from 20 down. When it happens nothing else works and you can pick your fish.

I have seen ant hatches at other times as well, but never as strong as in august.