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    Default New Waders

    Its time to bite the bullet and get some waders. Anyone tried the "Frogg Toggs Hellbender" waders? The've got good reviews at "cabelas, and $120.00 is not a bad price. The other waders i'm looking at is the "orvis endura. I would like to stay around $200.00 for waders and boots. Any advise....

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    Default How often will you wear them?

    If you are looking at $200 for waders and boots, I would first think about how often you wear your waders and boots v. just the boots. And secondly do you fish near your car or have to hike long distances to get where you want to fish.

    If you only wear your waders 1/3 of the time (or less), I would put most of my money in my boots and get some inexpensive waders. If you fish about half the time in waders then look at spending about the same for each. If you fish mostly cold water and almost always wear your waders then look at spending more on the waders than the boots (you can always get some foam inserts to make your cheap boots more comfortable).

    I spend less than 1/3 of my time fishing in waders, so I purchased cheap waders and spent my money on Korkers Streamborn ( If I did less hiking, I would have purchased the Chota STLs. There are a number of Waders in the $75 to $150 that are serviceable if you don't wear them more than 10-20 times a year. If you are a hard core wader person, then you will want to spend more...

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    Simms Stockingfoot, great durability and they have awesome warranty, they have replaced 2 sets for me for free! Wonderful American company to deal with.
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    If you're trying to stay around the $200 mark, look at the Simms stocking foot waders and the Simms Freestone Boots. Combined they are about $240 at LRO and Simms does have a great warranty.

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    Field and Stream at Dicks Sports has a good deal that my buddy just got. They were around a 100, and they had build in gravel guards, Front and Inside Pocket, Hand Warmers, and even double knees. To be honest I was a little jealous. He spent a lot less money and had better waders then I do.

    Next buy some Chota Wading Boots. They are extremely comfortable for long days, they do take forever to dry out though. Also around a 100 bucks.

    There are a lot better waders out there, but for the price you are wanting to spend I thing you will get more features with these then most. Make sure to buy your Chota's from a local though.
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    If you fish anymore then once a summer, then there is no use in buying anything other then simms waders. They have many different price ranges and styles to fit most budgets and tastes.

    I have worn them all over the years and nothing holds up like Simms, and if they do have a problem, they will take care of them for you. I just retired a pair of Simms gore-tex waders which had their 10 year mark passed, those who know me, know they spent a day or 1000 on the water.

    Take it for what it's worth, but the rest suck in comparison. Cloudveil, Orvis, Hodgman, Cabelas, all of them are not worth a wooden nickel.

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