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    The other day a friend and I enjoyed an enjoyable afternoon fishing in the park.
    I have a permanent rod rack on top of my SUV that holds rods strung up and ready to fish.
    Anyway, when we got there I got in my rack and pulled out my 8'9" Winston 3wt. LT thinking that it would be the perfect match for the mtns. that day.
    So, the bite was kind of sketchy but we still were catching some here and there but the whole day I was marvelling at what a weapon this 3wt. was! I just couldn't get over how well it was turning over the stone-fly nymphs I was using as well as send my parachute sulphur to a feathery descent. I was thinking that it was the most perfect mtn. rod ever made and was thinking about starting using it on the Clinch and S.Holston.
    Well, I caught a personal record park rainbow (14"!) that topped off the wonderful day of fishing for me and was loading my rod back into my rack when I happened to glance at the writing on my Winston, it said: 9' 5wt. WT.


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    i have a 5 peice 3wt 8'3" winston i bought at LRO-its a really nice rod--but i favor my 7 1/2ft 5 wt bamboo-it has 2 tips one for nymphs and one for dry flies-5wt rods will cast most any fly or streamer-5wts,especially in bamboo,are a bit more forgiving in terms of poor casting technique-2wts(especially) and 3wt rods seemingly are a little harder to cast because they demand a certain gentleness on the part of a caster,but if you can get the hang of light wt rods they are great fun,and catching fish is a blast

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