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Thread: Has anyone tied a fly for gar?

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    Default Has anyone tied a fly for gar?

    I have seen rope streamers for gar, do they work and does anyone have a pattern?

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    Kent's site has the best info. on fly fishing for Gar.
    The rope flies work good.

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    Man, those things are disgusting! I have seen a huge increase of them on the Clinch this year.
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    A wonderful fish, and the dumbest fish I have ever cast a fly at in my life. Rope flies work well, however it is a pain to get them to stick and even worse getting them out. I have as much success with a super sharp hook with no barb.

    They will eat anything that remotely resembles a minnow, and rope will work, but the "unhooking" can be quite a problem.

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    I've caught a lot of them in the "glades" on gurglers. I've ,also, lost a few to gators. There is nothing like having a 8-10 ft gator end up on a 5wt.

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