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Thread: Hiwassee River?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tennswede View Post
    I'm actually thinking about another visit down there this weekend, didn't do the small stream in the area that I planned last weekend. I might just give it another try this Sat. Anyone interested in meeting up let me know!
    I was planning on heading that way Saturday morning. Wife is working then going out with the ladies afterwards. So, I have a yard pass all day. Shoot me an email and we can figure something out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockyraccoon View Post
    Gotta go higher than Reliance this time of year.

    The "kill it and grill it" guys, warmer temperatures and stripers push the smart fish upstream.

    I figured the "Kill it and Grill it" anglers have made their rounds.

    I forgot to add, that I did fish the deep run literally 10 ft from the TVA authorized dirt road that leads up to Appalachia. I noticed the temperatures were a lot colder upstream around the powerhouse. Once they started generating water, I got pretty nervous about wading.

    Those sirens are a little eerie, especially if you have had a few scary incidents with the water rising as quickly as it does...

    Will try it again later on in the week (maybe on the weekend)

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    Like Rocky said, concentrate on the upper part. It fished good down at the "stairsteps" also last weekend.

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