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Thread: Abundance of snakes!!

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    While a copperhead won't do it, I surprised the rattlesnake didn't make a meal out of the garter.

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    Default snakin' around

    Well, I'm assuming they're all drawn to the log because of the warmth, location, and possibly a food source. Have seen several squirrels roaming the area and I'm sure rats and mice are around. their tolerance is rather high apparently. I didn't know that either. strange creatures they are...
    on another note...friend and i were fishin' in g burg. i'd just cleaned a fish and tossed the head into the river, a still water area. 5 minutes later, the head was moving away...carried off by a snake.. a northern water snake...

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    I am fascinated bys snakes as well, and am still waiting for my first sighting of a rattler in the wild. I love and respect these creatures, but think they are truly amazing. I have loved poisonous snakes since I was little.
    By the way, you got anymore pics of the rattler? I would love to see 'em!!!

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    Default rattler and friends...

    [Here are a few pics. the rattler pictured from above had the most rattles I've ever seen on a wild rattler. They were fun watching this year. Brownhunter, we should go snakin' around sometime. they're still out and the rattlers and coppers will probably be headed towards their dens.

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