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Thread: pesky gnats

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    I just bought a thermacell. Never used one. I hope it
    works in Alaska.

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    I spend lots of my outdoor time (hunting & fishing) in swamps down here in Fl.
    We use the Thermacell, they work very good at keeping the skeeters off you.
    Yellow flys..naaa, take a fly swater with you.
    Gnats, the thermacell helps to keep them from swarming around you, but some always seem to get in your eyes.

    Tip: The pads last longer than the butaine, Buy the 2 pack butaine cartridges for the Conair curling irons to supplament your supply of butaine.

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    Default Try this!!

    This may sound weird but I swear by it for "no seems" may work for gnats also.Try this for Gnats- Take a bounce fabric softener and dampen it so it suds up slightly and then wipe on hat brim and clothes, if that doesn't work try it on your skin. I've used it on the screens of my camper while on the OBX and Keys to keep "no seems" away. Other folks were going nuts at night with them, we had no problem!
    IT WORKS WONDERS, have wiped my skin with it and had success with mosquitos and "no seems". I have concerns with using DEET, when not absolutely necessary. Experiment with it for Gnats should work.

    Randall Sale
    the Kytroutbum

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    The bounce sheets do work good. They will definately keep ticks off, we put them in our pocket fishing the creeks sometimes. The SSS works great too and I've used it many times, the only thing is it's a little oily but better than getting eaten alive. Our whole platoon used it in the Marine Corps, that is, after boot camp. They wouldn't give it to us in Parris Island, they would make us stand in a swarm of knats at attention and dare us to flinch!! I can remember the old DI's hollering "let 'em eat boys, they gotta eat too". Haha, "good old days".

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    Has anyone tried one of the Johnson and Johnson battery powered repellants that clips on to your belt?

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