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Thread: Warmwater Symposium

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    Sounds like a plan! Me- I plan on fishing warmwater more this year. As if I need an excuse to fish! I have two grandsons who need to fish more (Grandmommie and Pop-pop get to take them). Got them started on a bluegill pond last year.
    Byron, let me know how I can help.

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    This wis a great idea. I think it will be a hit. If I can help please call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troutman View Post
    Any thoughts on trying to have a warm water fly fishing symposium this year?
    The last time Byron got to comment on this was in '09 and he has just gottened swamped with many key pressing matters since then. His/our getting something lined out for this year might be a lot to expect, but hopefully it can happen.

    With the prospects of trout hatchery closings, we may be left with mostly warmwater fly fishing in the lowlands of the region. Heck, rethinking the reservoir water release schemes might even have to come into play if the tailwaters could support non-trout reproduction otherwise.
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    Sounds god to me. Bluegills make up the bulk of the available fish for me and as JoeFred has said warm-water may become more important to a lot of us.

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    Warmwater is my fishing first love. I would love to see something happen and would help anyway I can.

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