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Thread: July 3rd-5th

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    I've also read that only the males have the spikes. Around here in the flatland reservoirs they are THE preferred bait for huge catfish. The guys at work all fish for the big blue and flathead cats and they enlist me to head to the creeks and rivers and catch knottyheads for them to fish with. In the creek on our farm just about any nymph will catch them, they're not particular at all.

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    The fish is colloquially known as a knottyhead or hornyhead. They take nymphs with some regularity and are just as partial to clean, cold water as trout. They will sometimes grow to 10+ inches and when that large develop a reddish-pink hue to their gill plates and head. Muskies love 'em and they aren't nearly as plentiful in rivers such as the Tuckasegee, French Broad, and Little Tennessee as they once were. I actively fished for them as a kid (with bait, not flies) and it wasn't unusual to catch a stringer 40 or 50. They are good eating although bony as all get out. I don't know their "real" name but they are almost certainly a member of the sucker family.

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