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Thread: Litter

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    1, the "geeks" probably aren't going to quit playing world of warcraft long enough to go outside much less into the park. Secondly, you see a heck of a lot more older people than younger ones using the park. I don't think one demographic is any more prone to litter than the other. Most of the trash I pick up is water bottles, granola or cracker wrappers, or leader packs. Most of it is within a mile of the trail heads. If a **** of a fine was written to anyone who leaves trash or violates in anyway,maybe we could afford a few more rangers and the park could afford to have everywhere patrolled a little more frequently.
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    I think having a monthly contest for awarding the fisherman the carries the most trash out of the river or something like that...?

    Maybe mail them some of our favorite flies...?
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