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    Default Furled Leader

    After many prompts from Pete, I finally invested in a furled leader. Tried it out in a quick trip to Middle Prong today and I believe I'm really going to like it. Tied about 4' of tippet to the end (again, at Pete's suggestion). Takes some adjustments in your cast but it tends to float to a landing rather than my previous "thunk" with a mono leader.

    Now, we'll see how it produces.
    Charlie B

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    Thumbs up Add a small loop

    Charlie, to make it last longer, you should tie a loop (perfection loop or surgeons loop), in the loop at the tapered end of the furled leader. That way you can add tippets and need and not worry about damaging the furled leader's small loop. I have three of them right now and have used them for almost three years now without any they make modifying your leader a snap, just add the size and length of tippet you need. They don't work that well for nymphs (I guess the furls trap aie and/or add surface area to drag), but their great for dry flies...

    They may not be perfect for casting, but I have a very imperfect cast to begin with...

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