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Thread: Abrams Creek July 23-25

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    Try putting a drop or two of Hard as Hull on the body of your SJW's.

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    Smile **** Racoons!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kytroutbum View Post
    My best memory was that of a Raccoon trying to eat from my pan while it was still over a burner!

    Randall Sale
    the Kytroutbum
    Those racoons at 17 are pro's for sure. We were trying to sleep outside our tents one night and they crept up on us. One was so big I thought it was a baby bear at first! It was the only time I ever thrown a rock at wildlife, but after 3 encounters in ten minutes, I was pretty frustarated. I hit one with a rock bigger than a softball and it just stared back at me without even flinching like it was saying is that the best you got. We eventually set up our tents and hid from them for the rest of the night. While many here on this board are scared of bears & snakes, I'm scared of the racoon at campsite 17.

    Ooh and can someone tell the boy scouts about the maximim party size as I have run into huge groups on 3 occasions there that were many multiples of 8.

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    I have many stories of racoon encounters at 17. I have seen some that were easily 50-lbs. They seem to be less trouble since the bear-bag cable systems were installed a few years ago.

    I was taken by suprise at the trail head. There is a sign that says reservations are required for 17. The new (2007) maps in the box also show 17 in red, indicating reservation requirements. The GSMNP website does not list 17 in there list of reserved sites. I guess they are working it in slowely. I am going to call the backcountry reservation desk on monday and see what the story is.

    Also, the Abrams Fall Trail from Cades Cove to the falls is closed due to bear activity. We dayhiked up from 17 to the falls expecting it to be alone. NOT SO. They are make no effort to enforce the trail closure. It was a normal Friday in July crowd.

    We fished mostly at the campsite in the deep pools. There were tons of fish but they wanted nothing to do with anything I threw at them. We fished a little right above the falls and did not see ay fish but we only went a few hundred yards.

    All in all it was a great trip but no fish (unless you count chubs!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tippet View Post
    I tie my own worms, and they seem to hold up just fine. Of course I use them mostly on the little fish in the streams.

    Never tried to tie one. I guess I should. The SJ worms I have bought aren't very sturdy.

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    I called the park and #17 does indeed require reservations. Also there is a change on the new maps to allow groups of 12 (by reservation) at 17, 20, 46, 60, 86, and 90.

    The new maps have a 2007 date in the corner of the map. They supersede the maps dated 2008. Go figure.

    Although I completely agree with the 8-person backcountry limit, imposed in order to preserve the wilderness experience of others..... 17 is a HUGE campsite and can easily host a group of 12.

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