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Thread: Naknek River Alaska

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    Default Naknek River Alaska

    Just got back from the Naknek river out of King Salmon Alaska. We stayed at the Naknek River Camp. The camp is owned by Jim Johnson. It was a very good experience. We cought
    Rainbows [14in bows were run of the mill] Char, Silvers, Sockeye, and Pinks. The acommadations were rustic but but adequate. [a fishing camp, right?] The food was great!
    [Gained weight even with the hiking and fishing we did.] A very affordable experience.
    Check out the web site. Naknek River Lodge. The guides were young but very good.
    Boat trips to fish the Brookes River, Margot Creek,and the Idavan were available and
    I recommend them highly. Boat trips down river for Silvers to Cedar Creek was also great.
    This was the most affordable trip I have found for what you get.

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