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Thread: Park Fishin' 7/23-7/25

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    Default Park Fishin' 7/23-7/25

    Had a blast up in the hills for a few days. Fished several creeks, high and low. Some looked like they had plenty of water others were struggling.

    Hit Indian Camp is soon as we pulled in on Thursday. No specs but did manage a few bows. That one is definately low on water.

    Tried Cosby on Friday morning, though we managed a few fish, it too was very low. Saw a bear on the way out, he was nosing around a few 100 yards from the campsite. Young animal some where around 150 lbs. Moved up top to Walker camp above the Alum Trail head. Caught more brooks than bows which is completely opposite of my last trip. Got a few good fish between 7-8 inches.

    Ran out of water and moved to Road Prong. Picked up absolutlely awesome fish there. Started at the bottom and picked up a few bows. Specs started showing up a little ways up. Got a few good ones right below the barrier falls. At least I think they were the barrier because no bows were caught above them. Got a bunch of specs in the 5-8 inch range and my buddy caught one legit 10 inch fish. Could hardly believe my eyes. Fly of the day was a #14 Stimi. A lot of large sallies or yella stones were out. Not goldens these were so yellow looked like someone did them up with a crayon.

    Headed up to Road Prong again Sat early morning. Got some more good brookies. Definately a slower day. Numbers were down but size was still up. One large pool up high below a huge waterfall just before the water got skinny fished real good though. Several pods of brookies rising in different areas in that one. Fly of the day for that creek was, Dorsey's Lime-Aide in #16. Since we had caught bows and brookies we decided to get a slam and headed over to the 'Luftee along the road just above Smokemont. The river looked low and fishing was way slow. Still managed my slam in a very slow, hardly moving, pool. Picked up a few more bows. The fly over there was #16 yella para adams.

    Fishing was slow on the 'Luftee so we headed over to Greenbrier just below Porters. There is a long, deep slick pool there and despite some folks taking a dip there; fish were still rising. The swimmers finally left around 7:30 and the fishing improved. Rounded out the trip with a few more bows.

    Can't wait to head down again.

    Have a Good 'Urn,

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    It sounds like a grand slam to me. It has been some time since I fished the Luftee. I might just have to make plans to fish the upper end some time this fall.
    Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for sharing, sounds like you guys had a great trip. Good stuff!

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    Glad to hear that the brookies seem to be doing well up Walker...I was concerned last summer when I was catching more rainbows up there than I ever have... Great trip report also...
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