Another thread seeking rod advice. I know it's difficult to advise on rods but I'll ask anyhow. I have been through several mid weight rods to find my "sweet spot" in a BIIx 5 wt. 8'6" Winston. Now I've been fishing this rod since last Feb. on everything 95% of the time. It fits my cast well so here is the question: I'm getting a little tired in the shoulder and wrist trying to fish really big poppers and weighted crayfish patterns etc for bass. I'm leaning toward the BIIX in a 6 wt but not sure if that will be a big enough improvement over the 5 wt?? Should I maybe be looking toward a 7 or 8 wt? Would that help a lot with weighted crayfish and #4 poppers, saltwater flies, etc.? Thanks--Bran