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    After 40 years of searching for a flat spot I have bought an alternative in the Hennessey Hammock.I rarely camp in designated campsites these days because of the trash and beaten ground,along with the crazy behaviour of habituated animals.This hammock allows me to sleep in areas that a tent camper could not,and leave a smaller footprint behind as well.I bought the optional tree protection sleeves for the tie ropes and it is hard to tell a hammock has hung there.A new stove I bought to replace an old Peak 1 is an Optimus SVEA 123.Have not cooked on it yet but tests look good.Anyone else have any new backpacking gear?

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    My Dad and I just started backpacking and fly fishing in the Smokies last year and we got a lot of new stuff. My favorite three things though have to be the MSR pocket rocket stove, Kelty Grand Mesa 2 tent, and our steripen. Now I am obsessed with backpacking and backcountry fly fishing.

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    Mora521--Sometimes the finest backpacking gear isn't new. For you and anyone else who is a serious back of beyond fan, a book which is more than 100 years old is must reading. That's Horace Kephart's Camping and Woodcraft. Except for changes in material and technology, the concepts he offers in 1000+ pages are as useful today as they were a century ago. I'm not a fan of certain aspects of Kep's life, such as his desertion of a wife and six children, his belittling of mountain folks and overemphasis on moonshining in Our Southern Highlanders, and his alcoholism, but the man flat-out knew camping.
    I would also note that camping anywhere other than designated sites in the Park is illegal and can get you in trouble. I've found that the designated sites which don't allow horses are usually quite nice. It's just the horse camps which are a mess.
    The stove sounds interesting, and since I've used a Peak 1 for some time, I'll be interested in an additional report once youi've done a field test. Jim Casada

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    gotta second the kephart book...and the illegal use of non-designated camping areas (which caused the major fire in the laurel falls area a couple of months ago).
    I started with nothing, and I have most of it left.

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    You picked an excellent stove. Mine belonged to my dad and has been in constant service since the '60's. Works without question every single time.

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