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Thread: trail closures

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    Closing trails is silly for that reason because those that want to crash the party won't be stopped by something like that...they'll just sneak past the sign/checkpoint/whatever is there to stop people... In the meantime, people that just want to be out on the trails are being deprived...
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    That's why if you do try hiking in there, you'll see the security guys in camo shirts and olive cargo pants; they'll have radios with antennae that look like fly rods, amunition in their vests and a weapon in their lumbar gear pack. The dead give away though will be the rubber brookies hanging from their rods.
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    Default Presidential visit?

    They usually don't set up that kind of security for just a governor, park administrator, or even Secretary of the Interior. Makes me think the big O (or just Biden) will be there. In that case the level of security is justified. A visit like that could definitely generate some publicity which could help tourism in the area (which makes the streams more crowded, but I'm all for it in this economy).

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    Default Trail Closures

    I don't like it, but am surely not surprised. I just hope they don't show up again until the 100th.
    Thanks for the heads-up Sam.

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    Smile Thought I would bump since it's coming up this week

    I was thinking Road Prong again on WEd, but I guess I'll have to go somewhere else.

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