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    Like planned yesterday, I ventured out to my all-time favorite blueline: "IAin'tTellin' Creek". Chock full of smallish wild Southern Appalachian Specs, this stream is not necessarily untouched, but it is still in the wild; away from the "big city lights" of Etowah, TN, away from major roads; it's away from people and it's a great place to spend the afternoon (or day) relaxing and unwinding. I rigged up my 4wt 6' fly rod, took a small fly box full of small dries and a few Green Weenies with me. I set off into the jungle of Mountain Laurel and what can be an angler's worst nightmare, or best friend for the native fish, the rhododendron. In some places I had to "swim" through the tangle of these pesky shrubs. Throughout the short hike to the stream, I could here the mountain stream gurgling and rushing over stream rocks. Upon seeing the stream, I stopped and scouted for any liking looking hiding places for the fish. In short time, I located a likely looking pool. I positioned myself for a decent cast, while staying hidden behind a large boulder. The first cast of the day enticed a Spec to the surface, meeting my dry in a splashy outcome. I brought him close to my hand and while getting my camera out, he was gone. Perfect release in my book. I moved upstream to the next pool, where I caught several more. I managed to take a few pictures of a couple of fish, but instead of taking pictures of every single one, I sporadically took a picture throughout the day.

    The gravel road leading up to the trailhead and the Cherohala Skyway.

    The stream as seen a top an old bridge.

    IAin'tTellin' Creek

    The stream as seen below the old bridge

    The trailhead

    Bald River Falls (At the confluence of the Tellico River)

    No fish were harmed and all were released. The one above darted off to his rock after I let him out of my hand.

    Very enjoyable and productive day on the stream. Not once was I stung by africanized bees, yellow jackets, or bitten by a copperhead or rattlesnake this time. It was definitely a good day...

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    Sounds suspiciously like North River to me.

    Nice report, THFF.
    Charlie B

    His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me.

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    In the vicinity... All I'm saying.

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