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Thread: Should we try Abrams?

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    Default Should we try Abrams?

    My dad and I are coming down for the weekend do hit some streams. I just want to get your input. Everything I've read says go to higher elevations. I was wondering would it be worth it to try Abrams? I now its one of the lower streams and water temps are on the high side and it will be colored but I've never fished it. We will be staying in Townsend so if you would stay away from Abrams what water should hit? We are staying until Sunday. Any advise would be great. Thanks
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    I love Abrams but definitely would stay away from it as a destination trip during the dog days of summer. It is fishable all year but not in prime this time of year. It is also a "drag" to go through the cove to get to it. As for alternatives, the usual suspects such as high on Little R, and high up on the WPLP etc, should be fine for you.

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    Hasn't Abrams been closed lately secondary to bear activity?
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