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Thread: Fish Camp Prong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bran View Post
    I looked over to see the "coon" or "opossum" but there was a man looking back at me with a huge kbar in his hand. He started scuffling and scrambling toward me, I threw the bucket and took off.
    Holy crap! I bet it was a while before you were willing to head down to the creek by yourself again

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    LIke I said it was probably just some abandoned gear. I didn't even mention it in my original report but remembered it later. No harm in speculating or discussing it though that can be fun sometimes

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    I don't think this thread has taken a bad turn either....what happens when a bunch of fishermen,hunters or other outdoorsmen get together?...they start relating experiences,some of which are much more interesting than the fishing.
    You never know....I once came upon a couple of guys who had found a human skeleton beside a small stream that was about 50 yards behind a house and within sight of a county road...she was murdered by a boyfriend and dumped off a small bridge upstream,and washed down to where her skeleton was discovered several months later.Not a pretty sight at all.
    Cops descended upon the space very quickly after one of the guys made a call.
    All this happened less than 2 miles from a small town in Middle Tn.
    Want to tell me s*** happens?....I know it does!

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