Instead of the Orvis Big Bug line, I got a chance to really field test Sharkskin, and I am now a believer. I own no stock in SA, so this is just one guy's opinion. I was using the Magnum 6wt on an Orvis Clearwater II and a Scott S3.

I like to throw larger flies and get good distance. I'm mostly fishing SM and Carp (got a 24"er this am, had to throw that in, although it did take 2-1/2 hours and more than 30 casts). I can't speak for how the line would be for more traditional Trout fishing. But for me it works great.

It is BUTTAH. It casts like a dream, without getting that friction after the line has been wet a long time. Maybe it's just me, but I get a lot more drag after the line has soaked awhile. It mends beautifully and just flies through the guides. The extra 1/2 wt of the Magnum doesn't seem to be there from the casting point of view, but it shows up on the delivery. The line worked well on both a med-fast and a fast rod. This line has done at least 2 things for me, it has cut way down on my false casting and given me 20-25% more distance with the same effort.

Things to consider - How will it hold up over time? Too new to know.
- It does make a noise. I got over it by the 3rd cast, but it may really bother some people.
- It is rough to strip. Add a few bucks for some stripping gaurds. I'm using the lycra fingers and they work well. I think they were 3 for $5.
- It is $30 more than than the next level of "quality" lines.

I am now fishing a minimum of 4 days a week (dang that weather) and loving it. This retirement stuff ain't half bad.