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Thread: Injun Creek and/or Rhododendron Creek Campsites

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    Don't want to detour this thread too much, but is there a map or something out there that lists some of the historical sites in the Smokies? My wife just finished reading Last Train to Elkmont, and she keeps asking me where some of these places are. I know the general location since most are related to the streams nearby like Edens Garden and Goshen Prong, however I don't know of some of the specific homesites location. For example, she was asking me if the old William Walker homesite can be located or if there was anywhere she could go and see remnants of the railroad tracks. These are questions I cannot answer, but I am hoping that some of the park veterans on here like Sam or Jim can help me out.

    I have tried for years to get her interested in hiking and camping in the Smokies, if I only knew that getting her this book would do the trick I would have done it years ago....

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    The park bookstores carries or used to carry a book called Historic Hikes of the Smokies. My family loved this book so much that on family vacations I spend more time in the park hiking then we do in Gatlinburg or Pigon Forge, and this is fine with me. But it does cut into my fishing time. They also have a new book calle Waterfalls of the Smokies, this book is fun because we are trying to go to all the waterfalls in the book. Some are hidden Gems close to roads or a very short hike.

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