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Thread: Big Bow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flat Fly n View Post
    BTW. Rough measurement on my computer and comparison of the width of your fingers to the fish, just to add up to a 23' rainbow. Sorry. I have to go with Wolf on this one.
    You measure Hugh's hands in person? Sounds weird to me. Ok a 23' "that is 23feet right" bow is HUGE where I come from so congrats Hugh!
    I don't know Hugh "personally" but have met him on a few occasions and if he said he caught "bigfoot" I would say really what on a 12wt? He is a great guy and does not blow things up. Not trying to stir, just sticking up for one of the good ones. BTW Hugh I hope things are ok. Yell at me SoHo is calling.

    CPR= catch, photo, & release!

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    Default !

    Sometimes I just think wow! I have lived in Tennessee for four years now. There is more water to fish than a man could fish in ten lifetimes. I'm sure some have tried. There is also more diversity here than any where else I can think of. You have warm water, tailwater, freestone and lakes. It is truly incredible.

    We also have some truly greats that have made their stamp on the fishing and fly fishing history, which is unique when it comes to thinking of the Smokies.

    I admit I am the newbie here, but I down right love to fly fish. I love to teach newbies how to cast and hear about their first catch. I love to be the first person on the water before the sun rises above the tree line. I love to be the last one on the water as everyone else heads for home. Sometimes I try to do both in the same day. Fly Fishing is Awesome!

    I also love to listen to the people that have been here and fished before me. Mr. Hartsell your presentation at the LRCTU meeting was great. I've also listened to Tim Landis on the South Holston, wow. Seen first hand the knowledge and fly tying skills of Tim Doyle (thank you for my fish of a lifetime), I'll also confess I've secretly watched both Ray Ball and Jack Gregory from a distance, the things you can learn! These men are just a few of the greats that have fished before us. The list is endless and would also include Eddie George, Mr. Blackburn, Walter Babb, and many many more.

    This place can be what we want to make of it. A place for learning, knowledge, sharing, helping and great fish stories is what I would prefer. I'd hate to see it become anything less. I'd also like to see a bunch more fish pics, really isn't that what we're all here for.

    Tightlines, I'll be on the Caney Fork tomorrow for my birthday, getting up at 4:00am. Can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerry Romer View Post
    Check and mate to Mr. Hugh Hartsell!!

    Nicely done, Hugh. You made him an offer he could neither refuse nor fulfill. When he looks up the word "respect" in his dictionary, all waterwolf sees is a picture of a weasel. As he has amply demonstrated here and on other boards, waterwolf is incapable of respecting anyone or anything that isn't named Jim Jordan.

    Fortunately, we only have one little weasel here who likes to flick his bic from time to time. Most of us just ignore him. By and large, he's made himself irrelevant.

    Gerry Romer
    I happily accepted the offer, but as stated the water has warmed to 70 degrees and neither him, me or anyone else needs to be on the Holston right now. If you can't understand that, then oh well.

    There are ample folks around who have earned respect, A few on this board.... Flat Fly N', Mike Bone, Old School, Troutman, Seagull, Rockyracccoon, 4X, Steve Wright, lar, Chemeangler, Madison Boats and others have my upmost respect.

    Gerry I have no idea who you are, and honestly don't care, but if you want to settle our differences please send me an e-mail and we can take care of them.

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    A few weeks ago I walked up on a female Bobwhite quail in the road of the Forks of the River Wildlife area in the Island Home community. The quail
    would not fly, and acted somewhat tame. I wondered if the quail was pen raised ,and somebody released it there.Years ago I heard an old timer refer to quail as "patridges." To Mr. Hartsell, I admire your positive attitude.
    Keep putting your boots on everyday.
    Gone fishing.

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    As I said, Jim, you've pretty much made yourself irrelevant so there's really no need to respond further.

    "I've since learned to use the best knot rather than the one that uses the least line. I go through more tippet material but compensate by drinking cheaper whiskey. One must have priorities." ... Art Scheck

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    Closed for obvious reasons.



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