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Thread: New regs for the Caney?

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    What I think would happen then would be few fish making it to 17" where they'd be protected. Probably not much different than it is now.

    As the proposed regs stand, I think we'll see a lot more fish in that safe zone. Assuming there's some enforcement of course. Once they hit 14", they can grow thru that protected range and we enjoy a lot more 16-17+ inch fish than we do now.

    I need to look back at the note I sent to TWRA months ago, but this proposal sounds strikingly close to what I "asked" for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by white95v6 View Post
    i just see no need to let someone keep a 7-10'' fish. make it a min 12'' limit. and move the PLR to a 17-24.

    I would bet you might be very surprised how many people are thrilled to keep 7-10 inch trout for dinner. They think they are 12-14 inches because most people don't measure their fish..... What would you guess the average length of trout served in restaurants? I would say 10-12 inches mostly and never more than 14. The smaller fish just off the trucks have also used less of the food resource in the river and thus have less effect on the resource over the long term, leaving more to eat for the fish that are smart or lucky enough to not get culled out. These fish would be more likely to survive to large trophy size.....

    I have seen many many people claim a 20 inch fish that when a tape was placed on it didn't go 15 inches.

    I am tired of people saying that regs won't work without complete enforcement, this is a false conclusion based upon no data. I think more than 90% of anglers want to follow the law to the letter, as do a similar number of hunters. 5-8% are ignorant or unable to understand what they are reading and around 2% want to break the laws. If the 90% use their cell phones and call the law on the 2% there will never be an issue as far as resource depletion, and law enforcement's time will be spent more efficiently. Poaching of deer, as an example, still occurs in this state, but the overall population is not affected because a huge percentage of hunters understand the law protects the resource over the long term....

    I have called the game wardens regarding fishing violations with prompt professional response in the past. I would encourage all of you to store the number in your phones. If word gets out that most anglers are watching out, then the law breakers will be at the least pushed to doing their thing in the dark or away from major fishing areas....

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    you are right i may be suprized.

    just for me i think a smaller fish is not that good to take home. now i don't like to eat the bigger fish ehter. if i am taking home a fish to eat i normally keep the 12-16inch fish.

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