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Thread: Apologies

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    Kudos to Waterwolf. I owe one myself to whoever I jumped on about Mr. Hartsell's hatch chart, so I apologize. (can't remember the fella's board name). My posts always come across wrong anyway, dang it.

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    Well I'm new here and don't know many but I congratulate waterwolf on his public apology.
    As far as people behaving out of the norm...I deal with the public on a daily basis working for an electric utility and have for 32 years,one thing I'm noticing is more frustration and otherwise rudeness from folks who we deal with,and you can tell they're decent people.
    We have the usual bad people to deal with but,there seems to be lots of stressed,irate people everywhere....I'm really not sure why....but I blame it on the economy.

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    Thumbs up Wow!

    Honorable Relfections

    I saw a reflection the other day
    That made me want to run
    I could not believe what I saw
    But something must be done

    I never had the courage
    To see me from the outside
    But the image was quite scary
    And make me want to hide

    But I reached deep inside
    And pulled up my courage strings
    And opened the song of sorrows
    And began to change some things

    And now I am happy to report
    To those I treated with such disdain
    I have made my sorrowful regrets
    And vowed from such action to refrain

    My friends have praised my actions
    And sung songs of my gallantry
    Returned my friendship with open arms
    Reflecting the man I want to see

    Don Winningham

    It takes a real man to do what you did Waterwolf. I have not read all the previous posting. I don't need to. This one is all that matters.
    Don Winningham

    I don't live just to fish, but I want to fish just as long as I live.

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    Default Waterwolf

    When someone does bad, stand up to correct it............
    When someone does good acknowledge it.....
    You done good sir!

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    Let's all just fish.


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    We all make mistakes in life, say the wrong things and regret them later. It just means we are human. My general philosophy towards flyfishing has been that it's a means of release, generally I don't take it as serious as some people on the board or otherwise. I have made the mistake of taking posts too seriously on occasion and have responded in an unkind manner. I have given you grief a few times even though you haven't done or said anything personal to me. Sometimes it was because I thought you were dissing someone I know personally or simply I disagreed with your tone to others. I hold no grudges against you or anybody else on the forum. Sometimes things can get out of hand when people communicate on the internet, words can be interpreted differently when you aren't directly communicating with someone.

    I hope you will continue to contribute to the forum as you obviously have a high degree of knowledge and skill in flyfishing the waters of East TN. Hopefully, I will meet you one day on the Clinch or Holston and be able to pick your brain on tactics, etc. or just shoot the bull!

    Have fun!

    Neal White

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    Hi Waterwolf,

    You are a "stand up" guy. I appreciate that about you. I guess we should all be careful what we say on the worldwide web. We are speaking to people who we don't know and they don't know us. I have not read all of your posts but when you disagree with me and say what you do it makes me smile. I never take it personally. The difference is I know you, I respect you and I like you as a friend and have for many years. I'm sure I'll always like Waterwolf.

    I didn't know about the closed thread. I know Hugh well, I like him as a friend and have the utmost respect for him too. I think you two guys would get along well on a fishing trip. Do it!

    Good job buddy,

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    Nice. Stand-up for sure, wolfster.

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    Waterwolf, I have never met you, but can tell you are a man I would respect and admire. If only we all could be this bold and truthfull.
    Romans 10:9-10 KJV

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    Thumbs up Props Jim!

    Like I have always said, "It is more rewarding and easier to make a new friend than to earn a new enemy".

    Being honest with yourself is the first step to self enlightenment!

    Seems you are moving forward in removing negative and apathetic thoughts from burdening your heart. Keep up following your heart and fight the urge to allow them back in your life...

    GOD Bless you bro!
    “Every human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will, & creative imagination.
    These give us the ultimate human freedom... The
    to choose, to respond, to change.”

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