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Thread: Question about rods

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    Downtown-Mr.Casada is correct that the NANT is a rubber-hatch,but only below the powerhouse.Past the 'put-in' and accross the bridge for several miles is some excellent fishing!It's delayed harvest,stocked with alot of holdovers.I use orange ashers and EHC.Rubber Hatch area is good early before they turn on the water.NC state record Brown caught there.WATCH the water.Don't know what time precisely it gets turned on.Mayhaps Mr.Casada has that info.Also,yuo're going to be there about a week before the peak of the colors and it will be gorgeous!

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    Just ordered the book, so I should get it Monday or so!!! I have a lot of reading ahead of me.
    SWAMPUS I have read alot of conflicting dates about peak color, so I decided to go in the begining so in worst case high elevations should look good. I hope.

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