Thanks to Jim Casada for recommending Road Prong for brookies. I fished from the first bridge to the third bridge early today. Caught a few bows below 2nd bridge, but lost count of brookies from there to 3rd. One of the brookies was 7 and a half and another 8 inches. They were hitting small green weenie droppers that I had dropped from a neversink caddis at first. No strikes at the neversink so I put on a royal wulff with a green band instead of red. Someone called it a Tennessee Wulff. The little brookies loved it.
Around 1:30pm I got about an hour and a half in on Ramsay below the trailhead before being run out by a storm. It had stormed there earlier, staining the water and making wading sketchy but fishing incredible. Had a grenn weenie dropped from a parachute hopper. Every hole was a 4 to 7 inch bow. Caught a couple 8 inchers and one that was just under if not 10 inches and fat. Almost looked like a stocker he was so fat.
By far my best day fishing in the park. going back to Ramsay in the morning. With fishing that good I can't resist the 15 minute drive from my house to get back in those fish.