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Thread: cosby trip 9-14-09

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    Default cosby trip 9-14-09

    took the family and had a great time. trip took about 2 hours and we got there at 2:30 and fished till 5. somebody could have warned me the campground is closed, when i seen the closed road signs i was about to cry. i got my brookie for the year and even let my boy reel one in. he will cast and reel um in but watchin the fly is another matter, he's almost 3. even got the wife to cast a couple times. she says she now has pictures to show me the next time i complain about my back hurtin,"just look at the way you fish bending down next to the water all the time, thats not good on your back"

    she said she saw some small white mayflys but i didn't see any activity of fish feeding. i used a 16 para ant and yellow crackleback. seen a drowned whooly worm caught i a leaf jam and gave me the idea for the cb to pretty good sucess.

    caught 11 mostly bows, and small ones. hope to go tomorrow and i'm up tying and should be in the bed but my ants and cracklebacks are running low. there is one leafy tree over the creek with about 4 foot clearence i would like to chop down. if you go to cosby and forget or lose your fly box check the rhod's and trees you should find plenty of flies. that one pool under that tree probaly has a 13-14 in. brookie in it but no way to get a fly in there and if you do there is 2 currents to fight.

    $30 fill up, 11 fish, 7 para ants, 5 cracklebacks, 7 hours, $16 burger king, 1 bruised ankle, 2 car sick, and 1 headache
    a great day

    God Bless Ya'll

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    Last week I parked at the horse trail crossing(just above the whole in your first pic I believe) and fished past the campground, and I came out to find the campground closed. They closed it after Labor Day because they are repaving the road around the campground. It needs it badly. I have left plenty of flies in the trees in Cosby Creek. Never caught any sizeable fish in their, but there are plenty of anxcious little bows and brookies in there.

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    Good report! I'm glad you have had a good trip thus far, hope it continues!! Thanks for sharing and the nice pics.

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    Great pictures!
    your boy looks like he is having a good time!
    I caught a few little bows last weekend near Tellico,it's funny,in years past catching fish that small in the creeks in Middle TN. would have been dissapointing,but when you fish mountain streams and catch those little wild trout it's not the size that's a challenge,and it makes me feel good to catch them no matter what size they are.
    Your son will always remember fishing trips like that.

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