Well I can check one thing off my bucket list. A friend and I finally made the trip to Hazel and was not disappointed. I've never had 5 days (3 full days fishing) pass so fast. We took the canoe from Cable Cove across on Wednesday and came out on Sunday. Stayed at Bone Valley with no else the entire time and only one guy at Sugar Fork. The bear(s) were active and I had one walk past me on the bank while I was in the stream and Doug had one cross the stream below him while fishing. But the guy at Sugar Fork had one visit him during dinner and was reluctant to leave (which resulted from a visit from the ranger and a sign being posted at Sugar Fork). The fishing was as good as I have experienced in the park and there are 2 15 inch plus fish with my Green Weenies stuck in their jaws between Brown's pool and Bone Valley. While landing one or both would have been great, they both gave me quite a thrill for the few seconds we were attached. I love my new TFO 3 weight, but I am not good enough to land fish like that, especially with 6x. I have nothing to compare the water level to, but it seemed fine to me. I can't imagine that the fishing gets much better, but I hear October is the time to go. If I could go back right now I would, but I wouldn't have a family or job when I returned. I can only say that I will return as soon as I can. There is so much more to see there. I didn't go up Bone Valley or Sugar Fork or much past our campsite and really didn't spend much time exploring old Proctor. Sorry to be such a babbling fool, but it really was an amazing trip. As soon as I figure out how to post pictures, I will.