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Thread: late ?

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    Question late ?

    I've had the pleasure of fishing the smokies maybe 6-7 times. Not enough ! My family and I were thinking of spending Thanksgiving in the mts, is it too cold to fly fish this time of year ? Any info would be great ! Thank You!

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    Kid gloves--In a word, no. The only time it is too cold to fish in the Park is when ice freezes in your guides. Indeed, there's a lot to be said in favor of the latter part of November. Leaves have fallen and no longer clog the water, few folks are fishing, big browns are likely still on the prod, and on a warm day you can even have a hatch of Blue-wing Olives. Mostly though, you are best advised to bottom bump with a duo of nymphs or maybe have some garish dry fly on with a dropper. From time to time torut will surprise you, even on the cusp of winter, and take a dry. Jim Casada

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    Jim, thanks for the info, just being there is paradise, catching fish is iceing on the cake !

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