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Thread: Elkmont,.......... better than a good day at work

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    I didn't know there was a stocker section on the roaring fork. Wherabouts is that if you don't mind me asking? I am not gonna fish it but just curious.

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    Default I thought...

    that the only stocker section on or near the Roaring Fork, was at the park just prior to entering Roaring Fork and that it was children only? I took my daughter there to fish when she was 5 and there were some rather nice fish. That is within the Gatlinburg fishing area and when I bought a permit to fish Gatlinburg, that is where the fellow told me to take my daughter.

    Is there another section?
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    They stock where it meets with West Prong LPR to Tree Tops Resort on Roaring Fork Rd. Better to fish from the start of Roaring Fork Rd and upwards. It stays fished out badly below there. You can park at Roaring Fork Church without being towed. They stock in town every Thursday, and probably get Roaring Fork every other week. Still a lot of fish in their yesterday after I left.

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