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Thread: Park Fishing With Relatively Easy Access

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    Default Park Fishing With Relatively Easy Access

    Hi everybody.

    I've lurked for a while here and never joined or posted until now.

    I've got some family coming up to TN in a couple of weeks and we're all heading out East to the Smokies for a week.

    I've fished the park several times in the last four or five years, and always done fairly well catching fish.

    This year my mother has decided she wants to try fly fishing. She is actually a pretty good bass fisherwoman (is that a word?!?), but she has never fly fished before.

    She has bought waders and boots already.

    I've got an extra vest and tools, rod, and flies that she can use.

    Here's my question. I know how to get to some of the spots I have fished before, but the only name I know is Elkmont. What I don't remember is what the terrain is like.

    I need some suggestions on specific areas to take her that may not have too rough a walk in or out, and that doesn't have as harsh a layout on the water in terms of navigating your way through the stream.

    My mother is fairly healthy (for the last year she has been going to the gym 3 times a week), but she is still a little overweight. With that comes ankles that are probably a little weaker than normal.

    I'm sure she will be fine in most areas, but if you have any suggestions on smoother terrain to start her off at until she gets used to wading, stepping on rocks, etc. I would be appreciative!

    I'm not really concerned about size of fish- I figure most we'll catch will be the standard 6 to 8 inch ones. I would like to give her a chance at all three though, so if you've got suggestions for several different areas that may be easier navigation for her that's fine.

    Thanks for the help!

    If you see a pretty tall, fat, bald guy trying to help an older woman out on the streams in a couple of weeks, say Hi!

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    Metcalf Bottoms is a great access that is easy to get to through out the whole length of it and just before the elkmont turn there is a small parking area that has a small step down to the water, but fairly wadable fishing through its length...there are a ton of pull offs in between, but though the water is right there, the actual access can be quite steep on some of them...
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    Another you head up the mountain toward the Chimneys try the first pull off past the HQ...this is a handicap accessible train that leads down to the river...this section is fairly flat and easy to get into and out of....higher up above the Chimney's trailhead the stream...Walkers Camp Prong .... flows along the roadway.....if you go to Cades Cove the little creek through the picnic area is easy to walk along and has fish in Elkmont there is Jakes Creek at the upper end of the campground across the river...water is small but also has fish....good luck.

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    Thanks for the suggestions guys.

    I think once I give her a couple of hours to get used to wading and get the feel for the rocks under her feet she'll be fine.

    I think at that point I can hit some of the other areas I have caught fish at in the past. Just want to make it easy for her to get acclimated.



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    Anywhere up the Little River trail above Elkmont is an easy walk and fairly easy access in lots of places. Hope things go well for you and yours - be sure and give us a full report.
    Charlie B

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