I agonized over where to post this?! It DOES have the most to do with the park, and the park [GSMA] seems to have even gotten it published for the anniversary. Everyone who appreciates the Smokies oughta read Kephart's books. [Though not sure how 'relevant' this novel may be.]
It's a novel set in the Smokies in Kephart's time called: 'Smoky Mountain Magic'. Probably has some fishing in it along with local color -and characters.
Supposedly has existed since years before his death and has been 'close-held' by his family all these years.
My son sent me the notice since we'd just visited Kephart's grave a couple weeks ago in Bryson City-and I'd given him Kephart's books when he was young.
More info. at the link [IF I can get it to work]. On sale at visitor centers. Ghost