Grannyknot--I know Mike Frome personally and in fact have tapes of some of his interviews connected with the chapter on Kephart in his book. I think he gave a solid, balanced account. Obviously he did not go into great detail--the nature of the book mitigated against that--but Frome is a fine writer and researcher.

I knew Granville Calhoun when I was a boy and young man and will always regret I didn't avail myself of his tremendous storehouse of lore. He was quite a fellow, living to the age of 103 and being sharp as a tack almost to the end. I did interview a number of other people (some of whom Frome interviewed as well) who knew Kep. Among them were Clarence "Petey" Angel and his sister, Helen(family owned the boarding house where Kephart lived for many years), S. W. Black (a local banker who held Kep's decidedly minimal account and who was our family's next door neighbor), Buddy Abbott, and others.
One thing everyone of them said was that whenever Kep got a letter from his estranged wife he invariably went on a week long "toot."
Jim Casada