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Thread: Competitive trout fishing

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    BUGG--I'm not sure I agree because I find it hard to call this casting to fish who have called a hatchery home until a few day's previously, with the central idea focusing on outdoing some other human as opposed to enjoying the contemplative art of fishing. Indeed it isn't fishing as I define and conceptualize it, and FLYMAN, quoting John Voelker (a.k.a. as Robert Traver), did us all a favor by putting things in context.

    Also, I would ask whether it really promotes the sport in an image-positive way. Do youngsters watching this ego-driven, cash-hungry approach to fly fishing really learn anything about the sport's roots, its deeper meanings, how it soothes the soul, and how it takes us far from avenues of asphalt and worship at the altar of greed? Maybe so, but it's hard for me to see if that's the case.

    But then again, I've never denied I'm persnickety.

    Jim Casada

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    Mr. Casada, I understand what you are saying, but I tend to have a "to each his own" attitude. If thats what people get their rocks off on, so be it. I personally have never entered a fishing tournament, but if I did I like to think I wouldn't ever forget the real reason I fish. Regardless, the more people in the world that get involved in the sport of fishing, the more potential players we have on our side in the battle of managing our natural resources.



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    Can you imagine a fly fishing tournament in the mountains with thousands of hero worshipping onlookers crowding in to see their favorite angler...
    Wait, you mean I can get money and groupies at the same time?

    Wonder how my wife would react to groupies? Hmm, there may not be trouney fishing in my future after all.


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    Default For MikeTn

    I am really sorry to hear of some of the problems that you have run into trying to learn the sport. I can tell you though, that most of the fly fisherman that I have run into were some of the nicest people you will ever know or get a chance to meet.

    One of my fondest memories is of a small stream somewhere in Idaho. I don't even remember where it was. I was about 10 or 11 years old, and was just trying to teach myself to fly fish. We were on our way to visit my Grandfather in Leslie.

    I talked my dad into stopping at this stream on the side of the road. The sign said it was a public stream for fly fishing only and that it had been donated by John Hemmingway in his father Earnest Hemmingway's memory.

    Well I was not very good, but I did manage to catch a couple of nice trout on an Adams dry when a van pulled up. The van had mag wheels and little dangly balls hanging down around the windshield. An older gentelman got out.

    He was so happy to see me there fishing and he proceded to introduce himself to my dad and I. His name was John Hemmingway, and he gave me half a dozen grasshopper flies that he tied himself, along with some pointers on where in the stream flow to fish them. It is a memory that I will always have.

    You may just want to try and slow down a little bit. Maybe if you talked to some more fly fisherman, get into a discussion with them, they will open up more. I know that I love to share fly fishing with people. It is one of the passions that I have. I love to share and always have the hope that I can give someone maybe just a taste of the joy and happiness that the sport brings to me.

    Having said all of that, I am not one to automatically just give out all of the great spots to just anyone that I don't know. I want to know a little about the person first. Does he respect the sport and the country? Is he polite and good natured? I guess for me it is like asking a farmer to hunt on his land....when I was young this was a common thing, but too often other people ruined this by littering, breaking fences, etc.

    Those of us that have been doing this for a while have seen similar things happen.

    Mike, I know that there would be plenty of people on this board that would be willing, and actually enjoy teaching you about the sport. Why don't you try to set something up for a particular date and see what kind of response you get.

    As far as fly fishing for money, not my cup of tea.


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    I would like to give my opinion on this as well, but let me preface this by saying that I am an outdoor writer who has made money by writing about bass fishing and tournaments. I have spent countless hours sharing a boat with some of the top professional bass anglers on both of the major tournament circuits and do enjoy it. I don't tourney fish myself, just not for me.

    All that being said, fly fishing for trout is completely different than driving a $50,000 boat on major reservoirs and rivers searching out five bass. It is supposed to be a quiet, contemplative sport. I for one would like it to always be that way. Not really sure how a fly fishing tournament would work, particularly on small streams, where crowded conditions could easily occur. Even on large reservoirs, arguments over one particlar spot frequently occur.

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    Never really thought about it,but catching a mermaid would be nice like the man said.

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    I appreciate people's responses to my take on this.

    At this point, I have learned enough that I can go out and catch fish (usually anyway!)

    For me at this stage, I am learning the more subtle things- reading the water better, getting more confident on exactly which part of the pool the fish will be holding, etc. Sure, I can learn from others, but I am also at a point that I can pick up on these things myself.

    Not saying I know everything (never will) but I don't need the help I was looking for when I was starting out.

    I understand not giving away the honey holes. I understand not giving away the one fly you stumbled on that is tearing them up (kind of like the fisherman that goes and buys the store out of the lure he's catching them on so no one else can get it).

    My point in all of this is that if you have the publicity and the coverage, it will encourage people to try the sport. The more publicity and coverage, the wider spread the information is. That helps out the people starting out that may not have the best experiences walking into a fly shop when they're getting started (again-my own experiences several years ago).

    Now... the stocked fish I'm not crazy about...

    I think it would be a lot more interesting to set boundaries and start form a central spot like bass tournaments do. Check in is at xxx time. Here are your boundary limits. If you want to spend the day hiking and only fish for an hour vs. hiking a short distance and having more time to fish, that's up to you. Strategy comes into play at that point. Then the task of making sure the fish are kept alive for weigh in. If you're three miles away, that may be a challenge.

    I just think overall it could be a positive thing.

    Except for the day and time of the tournament, I don't see a huge impact on disrupting the quiet time we all like to spend on the stream.

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    When fly fishing for trout becomes a competition, you have traded the beauty, serenity and peace for something less, much less.

    Yes, it may bring additional anglers into the sport, but what type of anglers will be attracted? I can easily envision a hostile environment filled with ego maniacs, dim wits and plenty of hot air. Excuse me, but escaping that environment is the primary reason I go trout fishing.

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    i read this post with a smile because it was pretty clear when it started where it would go although i must admit i was very impressed by the generally civil tone of the discussions which is a credit to the group.

    And naturally had to throw my two cents in cause...... oh why not..

    Agree completely that i dont really like the idea of competitive fly fishing for myself...........

    Completely disagree that is is a bad thing. I get really concerned when the fly fishing community begins to denounce any group that doesnt do it "their way"... this is in my opinion much worse in fly fishing communities than in any other population cross section i deal with in my personal life (except college football fans of course)

    The key here is why not be tolerant of other's "thing" versus labeling it bad or good.

    Spin fishing vs bait vs fly (if done legally) are all attractive to some cross section of the license buying out door sports minded population

    Taking examples from just our fly fishing community we had "Dry only" proponets, no "san jaun worm or egg y2k" section, the no strike indicator section, the no "stocker" fish section, "little stream vs river" section, the XXXXXXX section .... fill in your own favorite......

    yet the key is if it is legal and done correctly and it makes whoever is doing it happy it should not only be allowed but also not condescended too just because it isnt the way you do it. ...... heck some of those things you may not like may be what is keeping the water you like to fish free of crowds of other fishermen........

    Hopefully we in the fly fishing community will realize how often we appear and sound to be condescending toward the rest of the sporting world...... maybe that is why we so often have a bad name as elitest....

    okay there was my rant i will shut up now...... sorry


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    What do ya'll think about Baptist vs Methodist vs Catholics vs Presbyterian vs Lutheran? Grandpa said Methodists were just Baptist that could read

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