I have recently had a slump fishing for Reds. The water has been extremely high and has come in fast for the last several weekends. Today I finally broke it. I cast to a fish within minutes of getting out today, great cast in front of the fish, moved the fly just right, and he hammered it......then broke me off. My fishing partner Larry had fish all around him, but couldn't get a fish to bite, and then....

He landed a nice 22.5 inch red caught on one of my crab pattern flies.

I cast to a couple of other fish, and had one hit that I missed. Then as we were walking and working our way back out, I saw a fish tailing about 150 yards away. I moved out and got close enough. He really made me work, he was rooting hard and wouldn't pay any attention to my fly...but I finally got it in the right spot and he was on.

It was a beautiful 26.5" redfish. Barry I hope you like the pose!