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Thread: Holston at Buffalo Springs

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    Default Holston at Buffalo Springs

    A few questions on the Holston:

    1) A bit confused after searching the posts on Holston access. Is the Buffalo Springs access public - can you park/wade/fish there? If it's private, does the landowner grant permission to park/wade/fish?

    2) How's the fishing at Buffalo Springs?

    3) Is Nance's still fishable at this time of year?

    BTW I'm boatless.

    Thanks in advance!

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    There is a section of Buffalo Creek that is accessable to the public and it is on TWRA land. It does not extend all the way to the river. The section that is public is below the hatchery about 1/2 mile and it extends for about a mile or less. The quality of the fishing is questionable at best.
    Nances Ferrry may still hold some trout this year, although it usually all becomes smallmouth water in warmer years for a few miles upstream. With all the rain and cool weather we've had this year, a few may have survived. Good luck.
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    Thanks Hugh. I figured you would know the answer if anyone would. Hoping to find some cooler water by going upstream from Nance's. Looks like I may have to go below the dam or wait for the water to cool.

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