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Thread: Bear Hunting Citico, Bald, North, Tellico

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    Default Bear Hunting Citico, Bald, North, Tellico

    My fishing partner and I are headed to the Tellico area next week for some fishing. I just noticed that bear hunting starts on Oct. 15th. and was wondering if folks had any comments about our trip. Is bear hunting allowed up in the Bald River Wilderness Gorge? What about the other areas like Citico, North, Tellico, etc.? We wanted to fish outside the GSMNP on this trip. Any suggestions? We really don't want to get shot...

    Chris McCarthy
    Chris McCarthy

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    Default Tellico

    I'm thinking of heading over around the 23rd myself. Hadn't thought about the presence of hunters, but I sure do recall some sleepless nights in the campground, crazy 4x4 drivers running around all night, hounds howling etc.

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    Exclamation I kayaked the Tellico last Wednesday and there are plenty of people hunting...

    with dogs. Not sure about the regs, but check NC also as the dogs pay little attention to the state line. It's one time of the year I would think to wear an orange cap while fishing. Also I have heard stories of problems with pitbulls, but have never experienced any of this. Although I did rescue 4 hunting dogs atop Hangover. One had been up ther for nearly 3 weeks and was lost and looking pretty bad. I'm glad people put there numbers on thier collars, and that cell phones work at the ridge tops.

    I hope I didn't discourage you!

    James Locke

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    Hunters are supposed to wear 500 sq. inches of orange. Not sure what
    fishing folks should wear in a big game hunt area, bullet proof fly vest ?
    Gone fishing.

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    Fished North and Tellico today, full of hunters and kayakers. Time to go somewhere else.

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    Default Citico will be nuts as well....

    They will be all over Citico as well. While law says you can only set up camp at a camground for 7 days at a time in most pay to play sites, these guys will set up all hunting season on the free camping sites sites along the Citico, North and Bald.
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