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I read with interest Glen Casada's article about Smokies Flyfishing Myths in the last issue of the Little River Journal. One of the points he made was that 9 or even 10-foot rods should be used. I would appreciate a list of at least some of the rods that he recommends.
smctrout--When I first saw this post I thought maybe I had a long-lost cousin, and then when I read the material I realized you had likely confused my first name with that of a Tennessee legislator. Just wanted to clarify that I'm about as far removed from anything involving politics as one can possibly be.
That being said, you've gotten some useful answers and/or suggestions on makes and types of longer rods.
I would add one additional thought revolving around actions: (1) You'll pop more flies off with a fast-action rod (or at least I will) than with a medium-action one. (2) A really slow-action rod of the kind you once got with fiberglass is very forgiving on the hookset but doesn't roll cast particularly well and requires better timing when it comes to casting in general. (3) My personal preference is a medium- to medium-slow action, but that's more because I still, after 60 years astream, have a pronounced penchant to set the hook too hard at times. Do that with a fast, stiff action and you'll have parting of the ways aplenty.
Jim Casada
P. S. I'm sort of relieved to see that some others agree with me, because every time I bring the subject up in seminars I raise the hackles of someone or the other who swears by a one-weight fairy wand about six feet in length. My response is simple--if that's what you like best, by all means use it.