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    Default Back from 6 days in the Backcountry

    Spent 6 days in the NC side of the smoky mountains backcountry. After spending the allowed 3 nights at our first site we moved about 4 miles upstream to the next available site.

    Had rain two nights but cleared by morning. The weather during all 6 days was excellent. Never seen another fisherman and the fishing was unmatched.

    Wanted to post a couple pictures from our trip.

    Picture of my brother showing me how he uses his 4 wt. rod.

    Spent a lot of time climbing over, under, and around large bolders.

    Nonstop pool after pool. Here fishy fishy

    Picture of some of the locals from the area. You can see the dry fly. We used Dry Fly the entire week. Never even tied on a nymph, you have to love that.

    This one really surprised us. He was caught an hour and 45 min hike upstream in a pretty small pool. We figured we were a little more than two miles upstream from Camp. Really long days fishing and hopping rocks.

    One last picture of one of the locals. We really enjoyed catching the Brook Trout.

    This was an excellent hiking, camping, and fly fishing trip. Spending it with my brother made it unforgetable.

    Should take me about a week at work to completly recover from all the cuts and bruises from hopping rock to rock for miles day after day. Having fun like this is hard work.
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