My brother and I really gave it great efforts to get to the "Holly Grail" of the far most section of the Headwaters. I dont think we were ever able to get more than 2.5 miles upstream from our first Camp. 2.5 miles upstream took us 2 and a half hours solid hiking just to get back to camp and it was as hard a place to navigate as I have ever been. As Jim pointed out this is the most rugged place I have ever attempted and is real slow going.

So to answer your question we packed up camp and hiked around 4 miles upstream to the next Campsite. All up hill

We are already talking about making plans for next year and our goal will be to find the best way to make it to what we call the "Holly Grail" of the far most headwaters of this stream. This will take some planning and research.

I would love anyones email that would be will to discuss a recommended route.