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Thread: Cades Cove Loop Closing Next Spring

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    Default Cades Cove Loop Closing Next Spring

    Didn't see this mentioned on the board yet. From the NPS website...

    The Cades Cove Loop Road is scheduled to be closed to all public use from March 1-May 21, 2010 for repaving. Weather conditions may affect these closure dates.

    Imagine being the first person on Abrams Creek on the 22nd......

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    I've fished one of the shoes on Abrams ever spring for the past several years. I may have to change creeks next year. That road is in desperate need of serious attention. I love Cades Cove, but the traffic can get real frustrating real fast.

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    Abrams Creek used to be closed from Oct 15th to April 15th, and the fish had to be 12" to keep, limit of four. I was there on numerous April 15ths, always great fishing and lots of anglers. Sometime in the late 80's, they changed the reg's and reopened it on Jan 1st. I went on the 1st and it was incredible. Only saw one other person that day, but caught some great fish.

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