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    A couple of us made the drive over to the Cotter, Arkansas area last week. Conditions were challenging to say the least. The White river system has been high for the better part of the last year due to lots of rain. The upshot of this is that the fish are in really nice shape. We pulled my friends driftboat with us as we knew there would be little or no wading. Our first few days were the best, with clouds and some light rain. I think we had from four to six generators for most of the week. We each caught a couple of nice browns a piece, from eighteen to twenty inches. We fished hopper-dropper, streamers on a sink-tip line, beetles, elk hair caddis and baetis on the colder days. Also caught some cutthroats up to about fifteen inches, though most were small.We had two big rain events during the week. The second one muddied the river up somewhat. On that particular day, after the big rain, we found that the Norfork, a tributary to the White, had shut the generators off for most of the day. After driving over there, my fears were confirmed. It was extremely muddy. A shame because this river can be a dynamite fishery. All in all, it was another fun trip. I didn't get to make the annual trip out west this year, so this was the next best thing. I will try and post some pictures later, time permitting.


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    for those of you who havent made it over there yet...... it can be some serious fun....... Go spend sime time in arkansas and you wont be sorry.


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