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Thread: Nantahala One-fly/ Casting competition W/E?

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    Default Nantahala One-fly/ Casting competition W/E?

    Anyone going to this [10-17-18-09] event? Looks pretty interesting. The Centers boating/bikes 'gear swaps' draw a good crowd-always get some great deals [on stuff I usually don't need:-)!]. Have no idea what their flyfishing swap might consist of.
    I'd like to see the casting and the 'Quick Fish' but I'm scheduled to be there the NEXT weekend during Octoberfest with the family.
    The website says rafting is 'closed' until next March due to dam maintenance so I should be able to wade and fish it without getting run-over. Any tips?" Particular sections or flies? TIA,Ghost

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    Ghost--The fishing is actually tougher, IMO, when the water is "off." Still the Nantahala is a great fishery. Most anywhere in the lower section is good, and you won't have to carry your own rock the way you sometimes do in the delayed harvest section.
    As for fishing competition, I've already expressed my strongly held views on that.
    Jim Casada

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    Know 'competition' is contentious but it's pretty low key at this event [I'm guessing since flyfishing itself is pretty minimal profile at NOC-I've got more equipment than their 'shop':-)]. The accuracy casting and 'quick fish' contest [dress, rig and cast time] sounded interesting -and possibly educational/hilarious? to watch-with no impact on the fishery itself. Think all the actual 1 fly 'competitors' get is braggin' rights whoever wins-probably be mostly local guides for some exposure-again, just guessing. I don't even watch TV much less 'fishing shows/hawg hunts' and fer sure would rather fish than 'watch' given the option. I am willing to learn by observation however[whether positive or negative input as the case may be] and this looked interesting from that perspective. I'd also expect it to be pretty 'casual' without a big crowd for a public event.
    The weekend long rain sure helped thin-out the rabbits at the Centers used equipment sale:-). It's amazing how many suburban 'outdoorsmen' come to the mtns. without rain gear-OR cold weather provisions [I've been caught in 2 ice storms in April before]! Since the Smokies/western NC can represent 3 temperate zones it'd seem folks would plan for it.
    Anyhow, just thought it might make a 'different' weekend possibility for some board readers.
    Flywise on the Nantahala I'm thinking of using a significant terrestrial with nymph dropper and trying some streamers-does that make sense? I'd about be content to call the openess of the Nantahala a 'casting practice' exercise.
    I certainly appreciate the good advice from the posters here. Ghost

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