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Thread: Apology to Highstick and rest of Board

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    Default Apology to Highstick and rest of Board

    Id like to take a chance and send out my deepest apologies to Highstick and the rest of the members of this board that read the idiotic ramblings and needless thrashing i posted in a previous thread. I had a really bad day the other day, i got into it with a hot headed coworker and then my sister decided to call and lay into me over a family issue on the phone when i got home. So I decided to throw back a couple of cold ones and proceeded to come on here. Some how things got crossed up in my enebreated (sp) head and I proceed to take my frustations out. It was totally uncalled for and I have no idea why I went off, and after going back and reading it, it didn't make a lick of sense to me, and I bowed my head in shame. I really wish i could go back and erase it all, Im an idiot. Im so embarassed I dont even want to show my face around here again. Thats totally not like me, and im in no way that kind of person. Im usually a really laid back, easy going person. Anger and alcohol don't mix and make you do some stupid stuff sometimes.

    I hope you all accept this apology, and forgive me, and if we can forget it ever happened thats even better. Highstick if you wouldn't mind to give me your email, or shoot me an email, i would like to apologize to you personally as well.

    brad redmon
    "All the romance of trout fishing exists in the mind of the angler and is in no way shared by the fish" -Harold F. Blaisdell

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    We all make mistakes, get frustrated, and do and say things we later regret.

    You sir, are a true man. To apologize and feel remorse shows the sign of a real gentleman.

    I hope you continue to post reports and pictures so I can learn from you like I do the other fishermen on this board.

    Thanks again, and have a great day.


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    Bredmon--It all rolled off me like water over a river rock. Besides, disagreement is healthy and educational; how it is done is where we get into difficulty.
    Some things we all share in common--a passionate love for the Smokies, the region's beautiful streams, and the wonder of wild trout. It's easy to agree on those. Jim Casada

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    We all have bad days, and we have all said things we regret. Learn from it and move on
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    "Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."
    Salvador Dali

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    I didn't see the thread in question (sounds like I am glad I didn't).

    Hey, we all have those days. Sometimes on internat message boards, things seem to escalate faster than if the two people are talking in person. I think it may have to do with not being able to see the other person's reaction or hear the frustration in their voice. All we have to go by is the written word which cannot always accurately reflect the true intent.

    Pesonally, I wish I saw more actions like you took here today on internet boards. A simple "I messed up and I'm sorry" sure does go a long way to restoring friendships and keeping the peace.

    Good thing you did. Thanks,

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    Default Scott H

    Hey Scott if you read this message please e-mail me @ thanks Kevin G

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    Kudos to you Brad, it takes more to apologize any day and my hat is off to you. Good job, and again I say, heck of a fish!!!---Bran

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    Done the same thing myself.


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    It is people like you, and the people that responded to this post that make this board worthwhile. Everybody makes mistakes, it is great to be a part of something where people are willing to own up to them, and forgive them. Thanks.


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    I have the utmost respect for a man that can apologize when there is little pressure to do so...

    We all have moments in our life that we do goofy things. I must admit; drinking a few cold ones and message boards can be very bad. Also, stay away from Ebay if you plan on having a couple... Otherwise, you will wake up to a bad shopping trip...

    No worries bro! I am sure this will happen again with other members and I hope we all can use your post as a moderator...

    “Every human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will, & creative imagination.
    These give us the ultimate human freedom... The
    to choose, to respond, to change.”

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