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    I am currently looking at two books. The first is by Craig Matthews and the other by Ken Retallic. The Retallic book is newer and longer and also covers Grand Teton and Jackson Hole. I'm sure both are fine books, but I was looking for opinions on these or other Yellowstone books. Thanks for any help.
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    I am not familiar with either book that you mentioned. However, I have listened to an interview about the Yellowstone area by Craig Matthews and was very impressed. You can find the webcast at There are several great interviews on that site.

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    I just got a copy of the Retallic book. I like it but since I've not been I am not sure how accurate it is. It does provide a lot of detail, i think.

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    I recommend a book by Richard Parks called "Fishing Yellowstone National Parks." The book costs about $12 and is available on Richard owns Parks Fly Shop in Gardiner, Mt. Mr. Parks taught me to fly fish as a teenager and I'm pushing 50 now, so he's been around awhile. He's known as one of the grand deans of Yellowstone fishing, and his fly shop has an excellent informational section on their web-site. Because of Gardiner's remote location, he's perhaps less well-known than some of the guys in West Yellowstone.

    What I particularly like about his book is its depth of coverage of the smaller streams in the Park. Park waters can be crowded, and Mr. Parks gives you the inside scoop on the less-known locales to get into some good fishing. The access directions are excellent, as are the general fly recommendations. I own a number of Yellowstone books, but this is my go-to book time and again. If you want deep coverage of the big famous streams like the Madison, you can buy a book on just this river alone by Craig Matthews. I think all these guide-books are worth their weight in gold if they only stop you from joining the other fools standing toe to toe with each other in The Firehole in mid-summer catching nothing.

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    I have Ken's book on Idaho. Its very informative. I also have Craig's earlier book on Yellowstone. I recommend buying both. It will be a wise investment.

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    I have Craig Matthews book on fishing the Yellowstone area and it is first rate. I spent a couple weeks in the Yellowstone area this past September and Craig's book was always handy in the truck. Very informative book. I highly recommend it and when you're in the West Yellowstone area, drop into Blue Ribbon Flies, he is a first class gentleman.


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    I have both Mr. Matthews' and Mr. Parks' books. Both are quaility reads, but I prefer the detail in Mr. Parks' book a little better.


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