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Thread: Holston temps?

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    Default Holston temps?

    Does anyone know the current temp of the Holston tailwater?
    I fished there this year right before it started getting too warm to fish and am looking forward to more fishing. If it's too warm still when would be a typical month to get back in some fishing?
    I don't reckon there's any links to tailwater temps?

    Thanks in advance,

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    It depends on where you fish. Right now the upper section close to the dam is your best bet. The lower access points for trout will be ready to go in about a month. If you don't mind small stockers the lower parts are a lot of fun in november and december.

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    I fished the Holston two weeks ago and it was around 70 degrees in most parts of the river; granted 2-3 miles downstream.

    Way too warm for trout fishing. I did manage numerous bass and a few decent rainbows...
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