I fished West Prong of the Little Pigeon just above the Chimneys Picnic Area yesterday (just downstream from Walker Camp). The water was high when I got there and got higher through the day as it rained steadily. By the time I got out just before 3:00, you could fish the edges some but there was a lot of water coming down through the main channel. As Flyman suggested, I would go high on Walker Camp to get away from the rougher water. Frankly, it looked like WPLP was carrying a lot more water compared to normal load than Little River which looked pretty good going up in the a.m. and back in the p.m.

I tried two colors of Stimulators and a Copper John for a while, all with only occasional slaps but caught 13 on an Orange Palmer. Even towards the end, in the slower edge water, they were hitting the OP.

Good luck and let us know how it goes and, once again, Go high and small!