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Thread: south holsten help

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    Default south holsten help

    i have been toying with the idea of taking the 3 hour drive to the soho....and need some help about the river....water fallout times,access areas.suggested flies for this time of year,how long does it take to clear up after rain....i was going to make the drive yesterday but wasn't sure if it would cleared up after all the it wadeable with generation.... any help is greatly apprecited .... fished the clinch yesterday for 3hours at the jail.....caught 1 fish a 4inch rainbow.... through buggers zonkers and a few midges all to no avail this river is humbling me quickly since the colder weather has arrived....i was very pleased with the way my new 8ft 9 5wt temple fork cast smooyh and lays the flie out really nice ... thaxs again gor any help on the soho...
    dan in crossville

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    I will chime in on the wadeablitiy during gen. the answer is NO. Don't try it. The river clears faster with more gen. pushing to mud out. I hope you have a good trip.
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    the tribe's were running good yesterday not a lot of color , clear below the weir fish were active in this area mostly midgeing, been good hatches at times. wading is impossible on all tailwaters under generation. lots of fisherman also, expected on weekends

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