Friday, October 30: Fished Elk Creek in the AM. Warm SW winds at 25+ mph pushed the remainder of the leaves from trees into the creeks. It was pretty bad. I was catching singles, doubles, and triples on every cast. I was wearing those leave out!!!!! Every size, every color, every species - next to impossible to get a drift going. Fished the AM hours and had enough.

Saturday, October 31: Fished Elk Creek in the AM. Fished for about 2 hours before the overnight rains caught up to me and made the creeks unfishable – high and muddy. Good thing is the rain will push the leave down-stream. Fishing should be back to ‘normal’ on Sunday. I’m fishing every day the next week, so I’m not worried.

Monday, November2: Fished Walnut Creek all day. Conditions were good. I fished the southern part of the steam with one hook-up in the AM. Fish were not there. Some, but not the numbers you should see in November. My favorite holes were only had a few fish moving around. Usually, walking up the streams you can see fish throughout the stream. I walked quite a bit that morning and spoke to a few fly fisherman, same answers.

In the afternoon, I moved closer to the lake. Landed 5 fish. All on bead-head nymphs (black). I left my camera in the truck, so no pics. Sorry. I will bring it today. Four of the fish were the average size: 24-26”. Caught one female that was over 30-32” (fat and wide). It was a fresh fish that put on a great fight/show. Once it knew it was hooked, it turned downstream started MOVING, my reel was ‘screaming’. I thought it was a larger fish. Then it did 3 quick jumps that made it look like a dolphin going through the water. Then I knew it was a larger fish when I looked at the splash it made. I needed a video camera. After I got it in, I was glad for a good drag on my reel and good knots on the line. That is what brings you back when the day before was bad. The fish were triggered when I moved to lighter line and a smaller presentation (4# fluor and small nymphs).